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I have been involved with QR Codes since working with Comedian and musician Bill Bailey on an idea he had for integrating barcodes into his Tinselworm tour in late summer 2007. Since then I have greatly expanded my knowledge base on QR code technology.  I have created a product called a CyberLogo which is a specifically designed Customised QR Code. I am a valued consultant on QR technology with Edinburgh's Napier University.


If you would like to know more about QR codes, how to use them within your marketing or how you can engage the new mobile generation get in touch. I have worked and am currently working on many projects involving this new technology.  


Make no mistake, the future of communication is going mobile.


Here is a very recent example of the CyberLogo that I created for T3 Gadget Magazine.  The code has inbuilt tracking which allows me to see the activity of when, where, what software, what smartphone the peson was using when scanning it.

Scan it with your QR code reader from your Smartphone.